Since 1982 SATEM stands as a qualified partner  national and international manufacturing companies for the design and implementation of industrial automation programs.

Through the use of advanced technologies in mechanical and electronic design,
and with a profound knowledge of automation systems, servo-mechanisms, controllers and microprocessors, SATEM offers its customers outstanding turnkey solutions in various sectors.

Built on the strength of its highly skilled personnel, the company is organized in an administrative  office, a technical office / R & D, production department for precision operations, and quality control department.

At SATEM qualified professionals are active in the fields of design, construction and application of electronic and mechanical technology for industrial use.

The quality management system of the company systematically connects all departments, distributing the productive energy and ensuring the best results according to the needs of the moment.

Thanks to the elasticity of its production system SATEM guarantees the maximum result in the shortest possible time.
Our customer assistance, which is provided with tried and tested logistics and supported by our standard and custom parts department, operates at a high level of excellence and guarantees service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

It is with this organization that SATEM fully assists the customer in all phases of their projects, from concept to implementation.